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  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    If you're curious about how to do something on the site, or what a particular feature is, please don't hesitate to ask. On the other hand, if you see an unanswered question that you know the answer to, please jump in and help out.

    Also, if you do things a certain way that you think is extra nifty, leave a note here explaining what it is and how to do it.
  • PathfinderGM
    Posts: 2
    I am an ascendent member with a private campaign site. My 6 players are all signed in and the campaign is running at full speed. The site is awesome and the players love it! Thank you! Now my question - How can I invite in other guests so they can see how cool the website is without making them players in the campaign? I believe it is worth showing off, but I would rather not have them listed as players. Any thoughts?
  • bevinflannery
    Posts: 114
    I take it your campaign Wiki is viewable only by members of the campaign, and you would like to selectively grant lurker status? I don't think that's possible right now (I could be wrong) -- that would be a cool feature, though.
  • Gundark
    Posts: 1
    I want to delete a campaign that is no longer running. How do I go about doing that?
  • TheGreatController
    Posts: 2
    I'm interested in making a banner for my Campaign page like I've seen on other ones. But I don't quite understand how to post it so it appears at the top like all the others. Any help is appreciated.
  • ChainsawXIV
    Posts: 530
    You can upload a banner for your campaign on the Campaign Settings page. Look on the right of your campaign web page, for a link called Edit Settings.
  • bevinflannery
    Posts: 114 edited January 2010
    _I want to delete a campaign that is no longer running. How do I go about doing that?_

    Go the Home page of your Campaign. In the upper right, click on "Edit Settings." At the very bottom of the page is an option to "Delete Campaign."
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  • Tindalos
    Posts: 2
    This is kinda crazy.. but my GM created a campaign here and just sent us a link. I have poured all over this site and I can't see a way to join a campaign so I can attach my character to it. It might be right in front of me, but I can't see it.

    The tutorial says to create a character and you'll get a chance to attach it to the campaign.. but you have to join the campaign first. Help?
  • bevinflannery
    Posts: 114
    Caine --

    Your GM has to issue an invite to you. S/he needs to go to the campaign Home page. On the upper write there is a link to "Manage Members" -- clicking on that opens a page that lists all the current members and has an option near the bottom for issuing an invitation to players. After you accept the invitation, you will be a member of the campaign. You can then go to your own Profile page and click on the Characters tab. There is a button for "Create a New Character," which will open a page for you to create your character -- there is a drop-down menu on that page to assign the character as a PC in any campaign in which you are a member (either as GM yourself or as player).
  • SabreCat
    Posts: 3 edited January 2010
    By what logic do changes appear in the campaign's Latest Updates feed? Sometimes my additions and edits show up there, sometimes they don't...

    Is there any way to view a history of changes to a wiki page, like on most wikis?
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