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  • Triarchic
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    Columbia, MO! Pretty awesome college town, a nice little liberal bubble in a vast wasteland of hyper conservatives.

    College student who is looking for a gamn, sent out around 13 PMs to various GMs but still no real luck. I am most interested in playing a campaign over IRC or a messenger client, I personally recommend AIM, (in chat dice rolling).

    The systems I am the most familiar with and would prefer playing are...
    #1. Hero system or Champions as this site calls it 5th ed or 6th doesn't really matter.

    #2. Mutants and Masterminds
    #3. Fallout - Might consider running a game in this world.
    #4. Shadowrun 4th edition - Bwaarrrggg!!! I love the system to pieces, would leap at a chance to play it again.
    #5. Star Wars SAGA edition - Would prefer if the GM allows Jedi class or at least Force adepts.
    #6. All Flesh Must be Eaten
    #7. Insert cool system that I don't know about.

    I am a very dedicated player with a lot of experience playing pnp rpg games over messenger clients for the past few years. Most people enjoy my character concepts and how I interact with their plot/story.

    Give me some tips on how to become a better role player. Would love to hear some thoughts on the tendency for everyone to play a version of themselves. Always has happened with anybody I play with. If you watch them build char. over time with different systems patterns start to emerge and BOOM you've just psychoanalyzed your rpg buddy. Lol... or just to piss people off lulz...

  • autumnschild
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    Sup, indeed my bromide! Welcome to the Obsidian Portal. Good luck getting in a game, there's bound to be tons around you. Did you try the pen & paper game group locator? Keep us updated on how your search goes.

    Good Gaming,
  • Invictus
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    were running star wars online...were using map tools for it...give me a line if you want to play.
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