You can log in as anyone who has made a change to an obsidian portal within the last 7 days.

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not going to post how but it is very easy & repeatable

You can navigate that persons OPs that they own/ are a part of.


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  • Orenria
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    You can go into their account settings too.

  • Vanillabean
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    Hey Orenria, thanks for pointing this out to us! We'll be in contact via email communication to get some more information on whats going on so we can get this sorted. 


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  • thaen
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    Thanks for pointing this out!

    This bug has now been fixed. All "auto-login urls" that were created before the fix have been disabled. Anyone that was potentially affected will be prompted to login again on their next visit. This is to make sure we logout anyone that is not logged into their own account.

    We'll be doing some research to see who all was affected and what the effects might have been. We don't store credit card data, so there's no issue there. We do store member email addresses, so it's possible that those were exposed.

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  • thaen
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    After analysis, it doesn't appear that anything obviously malicious was done while the bug was in place.

    We can't tell if email addresses were viewed or not, so it is possible that email addresses were exposed.

    If you notice anything missing or odd, email support and we will look into it.

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  • twiggyleaf
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    Thanks for checking!


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  • GamingMegaverse
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    Awesome catch!!!

    Just trying to help out.

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