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So yes, I am saying that Obsidian Portal needs to advertise more. Frankly, it is an amazing tool and more need to know about it. Word of mouth isn't going to do it either. I'm tired of seeing ads for World Anvil come up in my Facebook feed, I want ones for the toolset i use and like. Get some YouTubers who do RPGs to work with you guys and advertise OP.

While I'm ranting i'm aslo gonna ad dI miss the vibrant forums that were here ebfore the Reforge and desolation it left in its wake destroyed the community. We need to finally put that behind us and everyone needs to get more involved. And one guy posting 8 topics at once is not a lively forum community, its annoying


  • vadercomplex
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    Hiya @Keryth987! We are actually working on this, so we appreciate the motivation. laugh I'd also love more vibrant forum activity, I'll pass this onto the team. As always, we are happy to have ya!

    Obsidian Portal Support Druid | [email protected]

  • Vanillabean
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    Hey @Keryth987, sorry I'm a bit late to the conversation, but I wanted to echo vadercomplex and let you know that we hear you, and that this has been on our mind behind the scenes. 

    I missed the hey-day of the forums, and am curious- do you have any thoughts on what we could do on our end to help reinvigorate the forums? We are totally open to hearing what you guy think would help, or just what you would like to see out of OP/the community in general :). 

    Obsidian Portal Dungeon Manager || [email protected] 

  • GamingMegaverse
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    Has there ever been an effort to reach out to former members and say there is new ownership?  The way things were handled in the past were bad, but since the current group has been in I think it is better than it ever was.

    Just trying to help out.

  • thaen
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    "... since the current group has been in I think it is better than it ever was."

    Thank you for that compliment! That's certainly the aim.

    Reaching out to dormant members is in the plans, but we haven't tried it in a concerted way yet. There are a few features/upgrades we've been working on in the background that I wanted to get done before we reached out to dormant members. For example, the API authentication is still broken, and that is behind a backend upgrade (that is taking a long time, but we will get it done eventually) which will improve the stability of the site ... even when we're getting swamped by spammers/scanners.

    That said, if there are specific dormant members that active members would like to reach out to with an OP message and invite back because "things are better", my guess is that that would be way more convincing than if the OP Team were to claim the same thing.  : )


    Obsidian Portal Developer

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