How do you move the Folders in the media Library


I made folders for character sheets, images and just a base folder called characters but they are stuck in my lair folder and i can't seem to move them anywhere.




  • UselessTriviaMan
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    I just double-checked to make sure this was correct:

    You can drag-and-drop files and folders from the main (center) area of the media library page, but you can't grab them from the right-hand column. Once you've grabbed a file or folder, you can drop it in either the main center area or in a right-hand column folder.

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    Question: If I move folders / files do I need to go in and change all the links and embeds that they are attached to? 

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  • Enjay
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    Sorry for a bit of a bump, but I didn't want to start a new thread for the same question:

    "Question: If I move folders / files do I need to go in and change all the links and embeds that they are attached to?"

    Was this ever confirmed?  As far as I can tell, all the links are the same regardless of whether a picture file has been moved into a sub folder or not, and moving a files does not seem to break anything, but I just wanted proper confirmation before I start moving files around and potentially ruining my whole site.

    It's my own fault, I've only just noticed that the media library can have folders.  I've been wiching OP had them for ages - and it does!  I should have checked.  Doh!

    So, anyway, now I want to spend some time organising my files but I have several hundred pictures and if the links are going to break, the task would be too difficult.


  • Enjay
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    To add confirmation in case anyone else stumbles on this and wonders the same thing...

    I went ahead and moved my files into folders (figuring I could just move them out again if it all went horribly wrong).

    I can confirm that doing this breaks nothing; everything still works as it did before the move.

    The files still retain the same file id number and address/url.  All that happens is the media files database "knows" that the file should be shown in a certain folder and the media manager interface treats it accordingly.  As far as the rest of the site is concerned, nothing has changed.

    So, you can organise your old files 'til your heart's content and everywhere that you used any files that you have moved will still look the same.

  • Abersade
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    That was also what I found in my testing, I just didn't respond because you asked for official confirmation of the intended behavior. Well, technically you asked for proper confirmation, which I took to mean official.

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  • Enjay
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    "Official" or simply someone else saying "it works for me" are usually good enough for me to feel confident that something is behaving in a certain way, and that it's the correct way. To be fair, on the internet, if someone gave a wrong answer, more than likely someone would have chipped in and told them how wrong they are.

    If two of us are saying it works, I hope that others can take that as "proper enough" ;)  So, thanks for confirming it's working for you too.

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