A GM I know has a player that's fairly created a character that's far too powerful

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A GM I know has a problem. Suggestions

1 of his players has fairly created a character that's far too powerful for the campaign my mate plans to run

The problem is that even though this character is far too powerful for the campaign my mate plans to run his player fairly created his character fairly so it wouldn't be fair to not let his player use him

In the more then a quarter of a century, yesterday was the 25th anniversary of me 1st taking part in A Dnd Campaign, I've created 14 characters, witnessed the creation of 144 characters and heard about the creation of 356 characters and this 1's the strongest by far

Here's how my mates players character generation went

His stats are Str 17, Con 16, Dex 17, Int 11, Wis 10 and Ch 13

He meets the minimum stats to be A Cavalier and he’d be a powerful 1 too. Let’s see how the rolls for his social class go

The roll for his Social Class is A 56, which means his Social Class is Upper-Middle

The GM lets me choose my characters parents actual careers and I decide that they were both landless petty nobles

The roll to determine if his parents were legally married at the time of his birth is A 59

That means that at the time of his birth his parents were legally married

The roll or rolls to see if he has Siblings and if so how many are as follows go as follows


The 1st roll is A 5, which means he’s his parents only child. So theirs no more rolls


In the end I decide to go with A Fighter


Why?, because Cavaliers are always powerful and are usually fun to play but 1 this powerful wouldn’t be much fun


He starts with 150 Gold Coins

Like I said he’s A Fighter and he starts with 1D10+2 Hp or 8+2Hp or 10Hp

For his initial belongings I go with 1 Suit of Chainmail, 1 Shield, 1 Sword, 1 Hand Axe, 1 Dagger, 2 large sacks, 12 iron spikes, 12 torch’s, 1 backpack, 3 weeks worth of preserved food, 1 bedroll, 1 wineskin, 1 quart of wine, 1 tinderbox and 1 small hammer

All in all that costs my character 133 Gold Coins and leaves my character with 179 Gold Coins. All in all great, right guys

The combination of my characters suit of chainmail armour, shield and +2 Dex DM gives him A Armour Class of 2. All in all great, right guys

His INT of 11 means he knows 2 extra languages and I decide that the 2 extra languages he knows are the languages of Frost Giants and Goblins

The GM always lets all characters start with 1 set of daywear and 1 set of nightwear. All in all great, right guys

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    So a PC is only over powdered if the PLAYER and DM allows them to outshine the other players.

    For example my campaign has PC's who are all broken in one way or another:

    One is immune to the 'dead condition'

    One is a famous vampire with legendary actions

    One is Vecna - the God of Secrets

    One is invisible, so invisible that the DM can't see their character, and nobody knows what's on their character sheet. 

    But.. somehow this campaign works because the point of the game isn't to be 'the most powerful' but to tell a great story - and have a great time doing it. 

    So while your character may be strong on paper think of interesting ways you can roleplay them to offset this ?

    Maybe the character is shy and doesn't want to hog the spotlight? Maybe they have lots of training but very little 'street smarts'

    While it can be fun to let a dice write your PC's back story remember you also need to give your character a personality to go with those statistics - and ideally you'll want them to have some flaws that can make them a more interesting, and complex character to play over a long campaign. 

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