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So I've never played TTRPGs but I am fanatical about their lore. DnD and Warhammer Fantasy Role playing and Warhammer 40k Role playing are my primary favorites. 

... HOWEVER (eerie sounds begin) I recently survived getting struck by a 40mph semi as a pedestrian, I died briefly but now I'm back... And I want to play Vampire The Masquerade and other White Wolf gothic games.


All this will help me get back into the social scene. I just started walking again, and I'm going through the neurologist too and I've been isolated for a year and a half now. So please, if you're into gothic and dark settings (love Antipaladins, Witches, Warlocks, Vampires, avoiding the Machine God in Demon The Descent) invite me into your game session.

It would mean a lot to me!




  • ragnarhawk
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    Hi @TheAyatollahOfChaos,

    Just wanted to say hi (Hi!).  I don't tend to run (or particularly play) gothic settings, but I did want to welcome you to the community

  • ElMuggs
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    Hi, sorry I didn't see this earlier as I only joined late last year!

    I'm glad your recovering from your crash and if you want a comedic gothic horror adventure to follow my campaign takes some of the biggest bads from DND and traps them in Ravenloft and well.. things get weird! 

    Alas it's a very slow/erratic campaign as due to IRL player stuff I have no schedule for games - which combo'd with Australian timezones is a big barrier to playing live - but as I'm working on expanding and updating the lore I've got a few 'unofficial players' who help me think up fun-things for the players to deal with..

    So if you like the campaign you'd be very welcome to become a 'secret player' working to help the Dark Powers set things up from behind the scenes? :)

    DM of The Domains of Dread Council Meeting (...a Comedic Misadventure though the mists of a re-imagined Ravenloft! ) - COTM Feb 2023! 

  • TheAyatollahOfChaos
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    Yes I would love to be this secret player!!! Is it still possible?

    (Thank you for replying)

  • TheAyatollahOfChaos
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    To add: with my schedule, and brain injury, I can think of nothing better than playing a 'temporary' support spot*. It will give me a chance to learn and hopefully I can be good enough to improve the game for the standard players.


    *Focusing for extended periods of time can be difficult

  • ElMuggs
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    Totally understandable, I have my own attention/brain challenges - so it would be lovely to have someone to bounce ideas off - plus it means I can let you in on the campaign secrets! :D 

    DM of The Domains of Dread Council Meeting (...a Comedic Misadventure though the mists of a re-imagined Ravenloft! ) - COTM Feb 2023! 

  • twiggyleaf
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    Hi @TheAyatollahOfChaos, I just wanted to day "HI" and welcome you to Obsidian Portal.  I run a small table top game in Glasgow, Scotland.  I am happy to hear that you are recovering from your accident, and it looks like you have a very promising partnership with @ElMuggs to ease you into the TTRPG life.  She is a great GM!

    Welcome to Obsidian Portal.



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