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Congratulations to @HumAnnoyd and crew for a well deserved win of our 2022 Campaign of the Year with their campaign "Emerald City: Requiem"!


Prizes Include:

- Memorable Monsters and Extraordinary Expeditions from Crit Academy

- Tome of Adventuring Design by Mythmere Games

- Remarkable Inns from Loresmyth

- Remarkable Shops from Loresmyth

- Wally DM’S Journal of Puzzle Encounters Wally DM

The winner will also receive a free year of Ascendant Membership from *Obsidian Portal*.

Our Candidates:

January 2022: Lakes of Blood and Ash @Nehebkau

February 2022: Emerald City: Requiem @HumAnnoyd

March 2022:
Deadlands: Damnation @Basileus @GamingMegaverse

April 2022: A Rising Darkness @Keryth987

May 2022: Revenge on the Kraken's Bane @AggieBear90

June 2022: Baldur's Gate @Nimrod

July 2022: Signs and Portends @ketherian

August 2022: In Over Their Heads @JayDoubleA

September 2022: Merovia @rappt0r

October 2022: Wildside @Dropbeartots

November 2022: The Curse of the Crimson Throne @Mogo

Keep an eye out here, on the Obsidian Portal Blog or on our social media for more information- and best of luck to all of our contenders! 

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