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  • thaen
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    @Omeri, welcome!

    What have you tried so far?  I just looked at the DST page and I don't see any there with you as the Author.


    If one of the other DSTs (like Exalted or Vampire) are close to what you want, you can just copy them directly into a new DST, and then start making changes to your liking.

    Let me know if I'm not making sense.

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  • Omeri
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    I was trying to do it offline first then uploading the new almost finished DST. I will try working it online then. Thanks!

  • Omeri
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    As an aside I was wondering if it would be useful for all if it were programmed that when in the DST line it has dst dst_player and the player is listed as NPC, that NPC comes up on the character sheet. Just a thought!

  • thaen
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    Sounds good on working online!

    For the "dsf_player", the code automatically replaces whatever is in the "span" with the Player.  So you can put "NPC" in the span as the default, and then if there is a Player, it will replace it.

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  • DragonsBay
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    Hello all,

    Any change a Fading Suns : Pax Alexius DST is in the works? I suck at HTML and such.  I would love a character sheets that I could put wiki links into.  So the feats can be clicked on to show up.  


    https://ulisses-us.com/games/fadingsuns/# ;

  • Keryth987
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    I have like ZERO skill at DSTs. Wouldn't even know where to start making one. However, I REALLY would like one for Dresden Files Accelerated based on this ONE

    Oh, and it should still support putting the PC image in the Upper left corner



  • ElMuggs
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    Hi Everyone, firstly thank you for making these - just a (hopefully) relatively simple request, does anyone have a DST to neatly show DND 5e MONSTER/NPC stat blocks?

    Not that I'm accusing my party of being monsters...buuut.. when Strahd and Vecna are your PC's it would be nice to have the ability to manage things like Legendary Actions, Damage Immunities/Vulnerability/Resistances etc.

    I can do the HTML/CSS to make it pretty but it's been a long time since I messed around with Jscript so if there's something I can work from that would be awesome.

    Also is there a 'trick' to enabling extra DST's beyond the ones you get by setting the game to 5e? I sometimes like to use other 'systems' within my games for funsies.

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  • an_avocado_thanks
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    Hi everyone!! I thought I would reach out here before I tried to tackle this myself (with minimal HTML and Javascript knowledge). This is for Coyote and Crow, a newer game system added to the site!


    Here is the free file from the website, it is the fillable version. This is the printable version if you need that instead! Both are available for free on the website.

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