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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this yet and if so, if anyone has any tips on making it seemless.

My Forgotten Realms main campaign  is getting pretty crowded with stuff, and I have two parties in there. (Same players, just different characters doing stuff in different locations tangentially related.) In a couple of levels I am going to make one party go Spelljamming and another party go Planescaping. Rather than shove in space charts, villains (there are already too many characters in the main and I have only reached level 8) and planer manuals into this which have very different aesthetics but also is a ton more info, I decided to make separate campaign sits for stuff happening out side of Forgotten Realms:

Still early days but I am quite proud of the banners! :) If anyone has done this kind of thing, I could use some advice:

should the adventure logs continue on the main page or jump to the other sites? Or should an adventure log entry link to the other site's adventure log to give a feeling that the party really is elsewhere? Am I going to confuse my players if I put more than just space charts, world maps and portal maps in these sites? The main site will have a place where I can link towards these two places, but should they in turn link back somehow? or to each other? Am I going over the top here?

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    Well, I did something similar for my group's Shared world. Three GM's so there is a main site, then a site for each GM's part of the world. THEN each site has links to the individual campaigns from that world. So I'd say keep the logs on the new sites

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    You may want to talk to DM Loki

    Just trying to help out.

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    Thanx @Keryth987 , i think i will do just as you say: log on the new site and links to that on the main sites log. Can I have a link to your shared world to look around?

    @GamingMegaverse i saw spelljoined, it actually inspired me a bit. Mixing planescape and spelljammer can be as simple or complex as one wants, there is no official way the crystal spheres limit planehoping so often one will have to decide on how to deal with the "cheat" of bypassing a gruelling phlogiston trip with a simple two step portal jump via any plane (or Sigil). I may well ask Loki how he did that.

    I hope to avoid having to make an entire campaign site for every world, like if they go from Forgotten Realms to Tolkien's Middle Earth, I'll have a bunch of Tolkein specific npcs in a spelljammer site...  i dont know, have to muddle this one a bit...

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    Hey, been buried in restarting after an unexpected cross country move. Spelljammer is the deafult perception of the Prime Material plane in Planescape so integration is baked in. 

    Heres how I handle it: My games are generational (child of prior PCs make up the adventuring party of the next game) and date back to 1st edition. 

    I create an individual OP for each group (Catch My Drift, Spelljoined, Seven Stars, etc.) and a central hub for the bulk of the data. 

    All players can go to the hub to browse House Rules and options, and then I only copy the ones in use by that group to their individual OP. There is an insane number of NPCs on the hub (and more to enter), but good tagging means you can pull up what you need as DM in a few keystrokes. 

    I find it the best way to keep things organized especially with multiple groups operating in the same world. Will try to keep a better eye out for when I get tagged. 

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    that is awesome @DungeonMastetrLoki , thanks! 

    So in your integration, a person with the right portal key could just hop from Krynn to Toril without bothering to cross the crystal sphere of their realm? Or do they need to stop over in a transitive plane that touches both, like the ethereal? Why bother going through a phlogiston trip if one can just portal between the planes which is way safer?



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    Well, you can get to the main with a few clicks from my current campaign, A Rising Darkness"


    You can click HERE


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    Hey @Frak_Lou_Elmo, just checking this post for the first time.  Like @GamingMegaverse , my first instinct was to refer you to @DungeonMasterLoki , but I see he has already "STEPPED UP"!


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