Player Option to Withdraw from Campaign

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  • bevinflannery
    Posts: 114
    I'd like the ability to be able to withdraw from a campaign, such that I am not listed as a player in the campaign nor does it appear on my profile. Campaigns never went anywhere, GM's not responding to requests to kick me to the curb.

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  • DireHammer
    Posts: 21
    In the same vein, an option for a GM to remove a character without booting the player would be nice. I have a player who cannot participate as of right now and dropped out. I had to boot him and send him a message that he's welcome back whenever he finds more time in order to get his character off the party roster.
  • eresguy
    Posts: 2

    I'd like add my $0.02 here -- there's a campaign I really would like to withdraw from, but can't. Is this feature coming anytime soon?
  • Genesplicer
    Posts: 8
    I'll add my vote of agreement to this vein.
  • chaemera
    Posts: 2
    I don't know about withdrawing from a campaign (should be a feature if it still isn't), but the new character page allows the deletion of & reassignment of a character. Therefore, you could, as DM/GM, reassign the absent player's character to "NPC" status if you don't want to lose the character's information, or delete the character if you're certain their information will never be pertinent again.
  • BTS1967
    Posts: 4
    I have the same issue... a campaign that went dead and I want to withdraw from the campaign.
  • Taloff
    Posts: 14
    I've run these by the devs and we'll add them to our new feature to-do list.
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