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I am trying to create charts with the HTML source editor, but it seems the site doesn't support the canvas tags.

This is the library:

This is useful to track things like reputation, influence of different factions, etc.

Whenever I use the canvas tag for HTML, it just shows up as a paragraph that shows the code instead of showing the actual chart:



Thank you!


  • thaen
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    You're running into the security limitations again.  : )

    OP only allows certain html tags that are whitelisted, and "canvas" currently isn't on that list.  We could add "canvas" to the list, but for this particular situation, you would then run into the problem that OP doesn't allow javascript to be added to a page. 

    For this, you would need to include the Chart.js library, or OP would need to include it, and then on top of that you would also need the javascript that defines the actual plotted points on the chart.

    If we added member created page templates (basically DSTs for Wiki Pages) then this kind of thing might be part of a template that someone might build. 

    But currently, I think the best solution is to create your chart some where else (like in the w3schools test area), then screenshot it, and upload it as a screenshot to your Campaign.


    Obsidian Portal Developer

  • NimrodYanai
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    That is unfortunate :(

    I was hoping to avoid screen shots. Otherwise I might as well just put the numbers in a table.

    oh well, I guess I'll just do it with a table as I used to in the old campaigns.



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