I cast Hold Map Marker!


A recent support ticket asked whether there was a way to lock down the Map Markers so they wouldn't be so easily moveable.

The Map Markers were moveable/draggable at all times by anyone in the Campaign.  This could easily lead to the Map Markers accidentally being moved when someone was only trying to click and drag the Map itself to look at a different part of the Map.

Now the Map Markers are only moveable/draggable if the Map is being "Edited".  This is any time that the Map's Edit panel is open.  Note that any moving of the Map Markers when the Edit panel is open will be Saved, regardless of whether you ultimately click Save on the Edit panel or not.  So you won't be able to "revert" Map Markers to their previous locations just by clicking away from the Map without clicking Save.

Let me know if you see any issues with this new change in behavior.  I hope it's a nice "quality of life" change that makes things just a little easier to use.

Obsidian Portal Developer


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