can I use other language?


  • Nolinquisitor
    Posts: 1
    Can I use other language on Obsidian Portal? Me and my player use french and I was wondering if it was ok.

  • bevinflannery
    Posts: 114
    There are a number of campaigns on Obsidian Portal that are in languages other than English.
  • surien
    Posts: 4
    I'm trying to switch my interface to spanish but I don't find the select box. What should I do? I've no major problems with english but some of my players do.
  • Basileus
    Posts: 585
    If you are looking to have the Obsidian Portal interface itself in another language (beyond the content you create), I don't think the site itself has much to offer. However, you could use something like Chrome's autotranslate option.
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