Lost shorting posts


  • RayceWinter
    Posts: 2
    Scanning the forums i can see posts about shorting adventure logs with a < !---more--- > tag. i am having no luck getting it to work. Where does it go in the post, top, middle bottom?

    Does it automatically turn into this "Read the rest of this entry »"? how? or do i have to type this in?

    Viewing the source of one site, i saw this "< !-- textile_longtext -- >"? is this the more tag? or a variant? do i need to type this and not "more".

    Any insight is appreciated.
  • bevinflannery
    Posts: 114
    You can insert the tag at any point in the Adventure Log.

    It does turn automatically into "Read the rest of this entry..."

    It is typed (delete ALL spaces):

    < ! - - more - - >
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