List 1 very funny mistake The Pcs have made in A RPG we've done

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How about we each list 1 very funny mistake The Pcs have made in A RPG we've done?. Here's mine and it happened back in very late February 2,017, but I found it so funny that I've never forgot it

How about we each list 1 funny mistake The Pcs made in A FF RPG we've done?. Here's mine and it happened back in very late November 2,016, but I found it so funny that I've never forgot it

For a laugh I'd created A Fighting Fantasy Version of The Mice from Redwall that are called The Mouseoids and for a laugh I'd also created a very similiar race that's called The Mousians, these had also evolved from Mice but The Mousians have 4 major and 1 differences and 1 of the major and the 1 minor differences have nothing to do with their appearance

The Mousians generally look more human like then Mouseoids, they are nearly always slightly taller then Mouseoids, they nearly always have shorter whiskers then The Mouseoids, The Mousians preferred ranged Weapon is The Longbow whereas The Mouseoids preferred ranged Weapon is The Shortbow and The Mousians favorite snack is Chestnut flavored hazelnuts whilst The Mouseoids favorite snack is Hazelnut Flavored Chestnuts

The mistake happened when The Pcs met A Mouseoid and appearance wise she was more human like then most of her race, she was taller then most of her race, her whiskers were shorter then most of her race, unlike most of her race her preferred ranged Weapon was The Longbow and unlike most of her race her favorite snack was Chestnut flavored hazelnuts, which is why The Pcs assumed she was A Mousian but she was wasn't

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    I like the "FUNNY STORIES" idea.  God forbid I shoud ever confuse a mouseoid with a mousian!


    I was once in a game (many years ago - Old School Table Top DndD) where a fellow character stumbled into a DEATH TRAP.  Without indicating what had happened, the DM said:  "Can I see your character sheet a minute!" and when he had it in his hands, ripped it up into little pieces, describing the DEATH TRAP that the character had stumbled into.  

    The player in question screamed out in a loud and horrifying voice, indicating an item the DM had not seen:  "Amulet of Life Protection!!!!"




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    I once ran a short, space game set in our solar system. The PC's were on a terraformed Mars, which has weaker gravity than Earth. They were chasing someone through a city, jumping huge distances over rooftops thanks to the weight difference. One character had gravity boots as an item and forgot to switch them off before leaping out of a window. In my infinite GM-wisdom, I decided it was a good time to teach the group a small lesson on my made-up physics and indicate that there was some danger to be had on this mission. So, I rolled normal fall damage which should have averaged out to something like a sprained ankle's worth of hit points.

    Nope. All 6's. Maxed out the damage dice and the character died instantly. This was session one. I felt pretty terrible about that, actually. He had just finished making his character about 30 minutes earlier. In hindsight, I should have fudged the dice, but I didn't have a GM screen for that game and it was out in the open.

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    It is for just that kind of reason that I always kept multiple copies of my character sheet back when I used hard copies of sheets....and in case of the odd soda spill or chinese food stain. I've been using digital sheets for about a decade now and never have to worry about a DM shredding my sheet!


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    I was running a 3.5 campaign once where a particular player was known for controlling undead, and was otherwise known for basically cheating his ass off on rolls to acquire undead for his "army". I decided that rather than having to argue with the player or walk across the room to observe his every roll, I'd just make the threats a bit bigger and let the campaign weave into the beer and pretzels style a bit in terms of his undead controlling.

    So a session comes along, and I wanted the party to fight some Dread Wraiths. Knowing the the undead controlling player would just control a large number of undead right off the jump, I stacked the group against a pretty unreasonable number of the creatures. I don't know if the player just didn't cheat enough, or finally played it straight for once, but he failed miserably on his control attempts, and the party quickly became overwhelmed by the now freakishly out-of-their-league encounter.

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    @Jynx001, your adventure sounds very "John Carter of Mars" (apart from the rolled sixes, that is).

    @gastoff, we use digital platforms now, but back in them days, people wrote up their character sheets and nobody had printers or photocopiers.

    @Kallak, Dread Wraiths?  You KILLER DM, you!  wink

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