Question on Tables and Cell Manipulation


I would like to stretch a cell across the top of several others and make the contents bold but am not sure of the syntax.  Could I get an assist?  I have tried many different variations but can't seem to get it.  Currently I have this but it does not work:

{font-size: 150%;background:#000}.|\8._. %{color:#11b852}Career: Officer% |

{font-size: 125%;background:#000}.|\8._. %{color:#11b852}Attributes and Skills% |


  • UselessTriviaMan
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    I know how to do it in Textile, but that looks like you're using html.

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  • Adoraith
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    I figured it out!  Many thanks

  • ragnarhawk
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    @Adoraith, can you please post the solution?

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