Emerald City: Requiem


So I was working on my current campaign's website and decided to go from a rather drab black and white parchment look to a much more colorful neon scheme. I still have some pages and characters that haven't been updated with the new look but I am cranking through it as fast as I can.   I would love to get some feedback on the new look.  Any thoughts, criticisms or general opinions are welcome!





November 2012 CotM:  Dresden Files RPG: The Emerald City

June 2016 CotM:  Star Wars: Rise of the Infinite Empire

JUNE 2020 CotM & 2020 CotY:  Mass Effect Accelerated

FEBRUARY 2022 CotM & 2022 CotY: Dresden Files Accelerated:  Emerald City-Requiem 

Current Campaigns:  Traveller Osmium Buccaneers: Pirates of Drinax, Cyberpunk 2077 Accelerated


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June 2023
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