To all the Noobs

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  • JohnL
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    Hi, just some thoughts from a long time gm player. First remember that the P in RPG stands for Playing that means you should be having fun. Next remember when you were little and you played games with your friends at recess, chances are you were role playing to some degree, so your not such a noob after all. Now for the part about the rules of the game, no matter what game it is. I have played, Gmed, or sat in on just about every RPG out there, I have combined them twisted them made fun of them and broke almost all of the rules. Never in all my years of gaming has a member of any company, or an agent of the RPGA, come to my house or contacted me in anyway and told me I wasn't doing it right. The game you play belongs to you and you players. It is by you for you and as long as they keep showing up to play, you must be doing it right. Relax, have fun, and enjoy each others company in the comfort or discomfort of the world you have created together. That is the last part of my thoughts on this, I don't say advice because who am I to Advise you on how to play, Let your players build your world with you, or at least have a part in it's making. You are playing together, everyone enjoying the same game. If you do this you will far exceed the most vetran rule monger or my worlder. Have fun gaming, steal from everyone (ideas that is), Tap into your players potential and build a world that you all can explore and enjoy together. Just my thoughts JohnL
  • MythicParty
    Posts: 78
    John, your advice ("Let your players build your world with you") is crucial. Roleplaying is at its best when its collaborative.
  • Triptych
    Posts: 18
    Thanks for the advice.

    Some paragraphs would of been nice. ;)
  • Lialos
    Posts: 34
    Would *have* been nice.
  • Triptych
    Posts: 18
    Sorry I didn't realise I was writing a graded paper here...
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