39 4th E laminated maps


  • Iandimitri004
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    Ebay Auction- Don't miss out on these laminated maps.


    D&D Miniatures Maps - HUGE LOT - 39 Laminated maps. DDM
    This is for my entire collection of D&D Miniatures maps. You will get nearly all of the available maps in this auction. There are 39 different maps represented below. Each of the maps has been nicely laminated and is in good condition. Also included is a very nice hard plastic tube case with shoulder strap to store and transport all your maps in. Included Maps:

    War Drums Starter Set Maps:
    Dragon Shrine
    Field of Ruin
    Teleport Temple
    *Broken Demongate

    Fantastic Locations 1: Fane of the Drow
    Drow Enclave
    Fane of Lolth
    Mithral Mines
    Tomb of Queen Peregrine

    Fantastic Locations 2: Hellspike Prison
    Magma Keep
    Mushroom Cavern
    *Temple of the Prismatic Flame

    Fantastic Locations 3: Fields of Ruin
    King’s Road
    Dungeon of Blood
    Keep of the Fallen Kings I
    *Keep of the Fallen Kings II

    Fantastic Locations 4: Dragondown Grotto
    Dragon Graveyard
    Dragondown Grotto
    Forest Cliff Lair
    *Spawnscale Nursery

    Fantastic Locations 5: Frostfell Rift
    Hailstorm Tower
    Frostfell Rift
    Caves of Chaos
    *The Black Library

    Fantastic Locations 6: City of Peril
    Ratfang Sewers
    *Griffon's Nest Inn
    *Thieves Quarter

    Dungeons of Dread Starter Set (2008):
    Dwarven Outpost
    Flooded Ruins
    Jungle Temple
    Crossroads & Monster Lair (2 on 1 side)

    Night Below Set Poster:
    Drow Outpost

    Desert of Desolation Poster:
    Blue Dragon Lair

    Dungeons of Dread Set Poster:
    Caves of Chaos

    Demonweb Set Poster:
    The High Road & Spiderhaunt Vale (2 on 1 side)

    Legend of Drizzt D&D Icons:
    *Icingdeath's Lair

    *=Map does not have defined start area for D&D Miniatures game.
  • MythicParty
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    Congrats on the auction going so well!
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