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Anyone else have a problem with horny players? Like, I dont mind a bit of out of immersion snark and I get that romance (the bard) and prostitution (the rogue) happens, but last week my group's paladin got all horn dog on the quest giving NPC and the cleric had to smack him upside the head twice. The second time I told him that he was breaking his paladin vows and risks loosing his spells for the day. I dont want to cut out the joking around but sometimes I just cant.

anyway, to blow off steam I meme'd it. 

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  • UselessTriviaMan
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    No. No, I don't have that problem with my players at all.

    And I'd shut that down hard if someone tried it at my table.

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    We have had plenty of incidents across our games, and many have been funny and enjoyable, because we have some hard rules on fading to black.... but we had one character (long time player, played long after incident) who was taking it to far.

    We were playing a futuristic Heroes game at the time, so the GM brought a cyborg that the player got with and.... well, the player did not have the issue any more, as the character lost the ability to complete the act of fading to black shall we say.

    Just trying to help out.

  • Keryth987
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    Never RP the actual act, but my players don't do the 'bard fallacy' either and try to do everything that walks of the opposite sex (or same sex depending on preference). And I can think of least one time where the whole involvement wiht n NPC made one of the most memorable and the NPC ended up as part of the party, with even her own story and an entire episode of the campaign bout her that everyone enjoyed.

  • Keryth987
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    If interested in referenced incident, see HERE

    (Seperate entry cuz the editing of a posted message here...needs work)

  • twiggyleaf
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    I've never had this problem.  Maybe our group is just not "HORNY" enough!



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  • ragnarhawk
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    I agree with Keryth that pursuing the romance side of the roleplaying can certainly add to the game.  I once had a Cleric of Hermes who fell for a lady Rogue, and ended up writing love poems for her.  This was last century ( cool ), long before OP, and likely lost to time, but I certainly found it memorable.

    As for "going further", fade to black is generally how I have handled it or had it handled in games that I was in too.

  • Jynx001
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    A lot of newer roleplayers are using their Session Zero to set up boundaries for table conduct, expectations, and topics that need to be avoided. It would be trickier to do that kind of thing in the middle of a campaign, but necessary to cover everyone's needs. If it's uncomfortable for one person, that's one person too many and it needs to be halted. Possibly others are also feeling uneasy and just don't want to say anything.

    For those of us (me) who hate real-life conflict, especially with friends, I recommend doing what you do as a GM and write yourself a script of what you want to say. Or text them your decision.

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