What was the creepiest game you ever played or ran?

Tell us the tale of your most nightmarish creation, a twisted character, or a sinister scenario so shocking that you dwell on it even to this day. Inform our fears -- was it a slow-burn drama of psychological persecution delivered over months? Or was it squealing like schoolchildren when the pizza guy surprised everybody at the back door?


  • Jynx001
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    I have a couple that stand out. My favorite was when our party of futuristic mercenaries were dropped off in the airlock of an underwater research facility. As our submarine-taxi departs, we try to hack into the security panel and fail, setting off every alarm on the rig. Irritated, we wait to be accosted by guards... and we wait... and we wait. Eventually, it begins to dawn on us that nobody is coming to arrest us because THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD.

    Another time when I was GMing, the group descended to the bottom level of a mega-dungeon beneath a city. After having faced countless challenges, creatures, and puzzles, they decide to stop when they encounter a huge pit full of thousands of perfectly silent babies who begin to crawl slowly towards them. The group used every ounce of gunpowder and all the explosive spells in their arsenal to collapse the mega-dungeon on top of that business.

  • UselessTriviaMan
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    I've been running games of the Dread RPG at conventions for a few years now. I friggin' LOVE this system. 

    I wrote a modern-day scenario where the PCs go on a tropical-island paradise vacation, complete with yellow leis and behind-the-ear flower props for any female characters. Turns out there's a hivemind plant monster on the island, and they soon discover those plants that they're wearing are taking over their bodies!

    It's a body-horror funfest that usually culminates in the PCs voluntarily chucking a tactical nuke into the island's active volcano and wipe out the menace before it can propagate itself to the mainland and take over the world...

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  • Kallak
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    Once during a session, I was performing the "box text" portion of an interrogation that the PCs were conducting on an NPC in a straightjacket. I must have been doing a far more spectacular job at portraying the crazy than I thought when I started, because they all freaked out and attacked him before he could even finish what he was saying.

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