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  • shockwave33
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    I recently made a character for DnD 3.5 with the hope of making a balanced Character of both RP uses and Combat uses. Basically, He is a Balcksmith, using cleric class, who uses his divine magic to improve his melee and crafting. Character wise he does not veiwe himself as a cleric, but only as a blacksmith for the crafting gods (Pantheon invented by DM). At level three he was very successful in combat, but i have bad luck when it come maintaining the balance in hihger charcters. I want to make this charcter for two reasons because i like the idea of an @%% kicking blacksmith and to show a powerplayer (im certain you all know the minmax type) that you can incorperate RP and combat together.

    here is his build

    Character: Smith Classes: Cleric Level:3 Race:Human Alignment:nuetral Religion:CRS Inc Experience:5635 Hit Points: 25 Base Attack Bonus: +2

    Strength: 17 Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 15 Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 16 Charisma: 15

    Fortitude: =5 Reflex: =4 Will:=7 Initiative: =2 Melee: [1d8+5/1d6+5] = Gnomish Hook Hammer

    Money: gp999 – sp85 – Armor Class: 7+ 10 + = 17


    Two Weapon Fighting; craft wonderous item; Spontaneous healing (domain granted Abilities) Weapon prof. Gnomish Hook Hammner; Weapon Focus(GHH);Rebuke water; Spontanous casting Fire


    Gnomish hook Hammer; Dagger; Blacksmiths Hammer; Smithing Gloves(Prevent 6 points of fire damage for hands only); Vest of resistance +1; belt of Healing (made by smith).

    Spells: Normally Prepared unless other wised planned for.

    0:(4) detect Magic; Guidance; light; Purify Food and drink 1:(4) Wield Skill1^; Endure Elements; Healthful Rest2^; Weapon of impact1^ 2:(3)Aura Against Flames1^; iron Silence2^; Bull’s Strength

    1^ found in Forgotten Realms: magic of Faerun 2^ Found in Spell Compedium

    Domain Spells:

    Fire: 1. Burning Hands 2.Produce Fire

    Metal: 1. Magic Weapon 2. Heat Metal (apply to Gnomish Hook Hammer)

    his skills point are put mostly in craft weapon and armor; knowledge religion; profession blacksmith; and the spreadout to the basic ones ie. search spot listen etc

    i have planned on having him take the prestige clas Divine Disiple found in the Forgotten Realms CG. to those who know the one i plan on taking creation has my thrid domain?

    so there you have it.

    plz comment and give advise such as spells and tactics i can use.
  • Jennifer
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    It's difficult to mess up a cleric in 3.5. It looks like you have the War and Fire domains, correct?

    Specific tactics depend a lot on the campaign you are in. Don't memorize healing (apart from the Heal spell, since you can't spontaneously cast it). Prep for at least 3 combats a day, not just one.

    You can hold your own as a melee fighter if you make judicious use of buff spells such as Bull's Strength and Endurance. You should also be using the spell Magic Weapon as one of the major weaknesses of a lower level party is damage reduction. If you're playing a craftsman, you should always be collecting alchemical silver, adamantine, and cold iron stuff as it comes along, too. Later on AC buffs like Magic Vestments and even the low-level Shield of Faith are extremely useful--a couple of Divine Favors and Shields of Faith memorized can make you a combat monster late in the day when everyone else is running short on resources.

    Don't be afraid to cast your buffs on *other people* if they need them. A cleric keeps the rest of the party going first and THEN hops in with the ultra-violence if there's time.

    In addition, clerics get a couple of nice area effect damage spells that, if you're lucky, won't hurt party members (Holy Smite, for instance). Those are good to use in a pinch.
  • elijedic
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    With the RP that is up to how creative you can be and your actually public speaking skills.
    I guess actual skills would be incredible useful. Maybe taking profession smithing, armor, weapon smith and maxing them out. Building strong RP can develop out of unique use of the profession and craft skills. Example - Profession: Armor smith and Craft:Tailor disguises.
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