Apostrophes in Wikipagenames


  • davethebrave
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    Is there a way to make a name that includes an apostrophe (for instance, and Eberron players might get this one, Merrix d'Cannith) have a wikipage with that apostrophe included, or would I have to do it as the text to link to, but have the wikipage be (using that example) Merrix dCannith?

    I would really like to know how to do this.
  • theshard
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    I have not tried yet but one thing I have done to us an apostrophe is if the name is Merrix and I want to make it possessive the main page would be

    [ [ Merrix ] ] ---without the spaces

    but you want it to be possessive so instead do this

    [ [ Merrix | Merrix's ] ] ---again no spaces

    that will display "Merrix's" but take you to the page for Merrix.

    I don't see a reason the same couldn't be done for Merrix d'Cannith.
  • davethebrave
    Posts: 4
    Hmm. Yeah, that's what I figured.
  • Figment
    Posts: 132
    I have tried using many non-standard characters (such as the apostrophe) in wiki page titles. They don't work. You will be stuck doing [[Merrix dCannith | Merrix d’Cannith]]. You can then do h3. Merrix d’Cannith at the top of the wiki page to make it look more acceptable.

    Adventure Logs do not share this problem. If you use non-standard characters in the title of an Adventure Log you'll need to remove them from the Wiki Page Name or else nothing will link to it.
  • davethebrave
    Posts: 4
    Laaaaame. Oh well, OP is great so far other than that, so I'll just have to make do.
  • DMaple
    Posts: 63
    You mean Ill just have to make do.
  • davethebrave
    Posts: 4
    hahahaha, too true.
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