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New forumite here.  I just had a quick question.  How would one would one go about petitioning or advocating for a new system to be added to the filter campaign by system list on the campaigns front page of Obsidian Portal?  I've noticed there are tons of CoC (call of Cthulhu) campaigns, but if I search for DG, I have to basically manually search thru the whole CoC list, because possibly people are running the old game supplement for CoC, but now that the new Delta Green the RPG is out, since 2016, I'd like to know how we could get that game system, added to the list.  Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.  It's also quite possible I don't understand how to use this search method on the site correctly.  Any corrections to my error would also be appreciated.  


  • Kallak
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    Hey there, and welcome to the boards!

    I can get this taken care of for you. Give me like an hour to get home and I'll get in that. 

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Kallak
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    @Kovach23, a bit more of a delay than originally anticipated, but Delta Green should now appear on the game systems listing.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
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    Because the delta green campaigns are hidden in CoC campaigns the best way to search is using google using the following search parameter

    delta green

    This way you'll search for any delta green but only on obsidian portal.


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