Newbie Question: How do you use a character sheet?


I originally came to OP having been told the character sheet storage could be done with established character sheets rather than just typing it all in. How do you access that feature?


  • Kallak
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    Hey @MrS, to use the character sheets (DSTs), there are two things that need to be squared away:

    [1] The campaign's game system has to be set

    DSTs are shown on the character creation/editing page based on campaign game system. This is so you don't have to scroll through sheets that aren't made for the system you're playing. However, it also means that if your game system isn't set, no DSTs will appear. Look for the game system input field on the Basic Settings section of the Settings tab.

    [2] There needs to be one or more DSTs for the game system in question

    DSTs on Obsidian Portal are user created, which means that any user can create a DST for the entire community to use. However, it also means that newer or more obscure game systems may not yet have a sheet to use. If there isn't a sheet yet for your game system of choice, you might consider making one yourself.

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    - Kallak
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