500 Server Errors


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to drop a quick update on progress so far, we have a couple guys testing the server on staging and are tweaking it to stop the fails. We suspect that the issue has to do with the environment as we did have to increase our server sizes recently to eliminate the time outs, we did adjust the configurations on the system that handles campaign, character creation etc which temporarily eliminated the errors, but as everyone has noted they are still persisting. 

We pushed a change live today after stress testing it to see where it failed, unfortunately once live it continued to produce errors so we pulled the server that we thought would have been fixed (worked on staging so we were optimistic it would do well in production), we then pushed it back on to gather additional data and to see if we could identify any trends to help us pinpoint the issue. 

Our team is still trying a few things in the dev environment to eliminate these errors, though at this time I don't have any positive news, I can assure you that we're working diligently to get this resolved.

I should have more info to share tomorrow and will keep everyone posted here.

Thanks for your patience!



  • joeschmoe998
    Posts: 73

    I have to say that I greatly appreciate the updates. After the last month, I was near to quitting. I work on software and know that there are always bugs, and that it takes time to fix issues. But with no information from the other side, it gave all of us the impression that the company didn't care if the site went away. 

    Keep up the effort and keep us informed and we will stick around, I really like this site and the way it works.


    Thank you again.

  • OPAdmin
    Posts: 53

    Hi guys, the reported issues must be fixed at this point, we posted details on daily update forum:


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