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    Looking at the site's code, I see you're using a print media style sheet, which is great. Unfortunately, while it makes some significant changes to the look of the page for printing, it really doesn't do a whole lot for the overall printability. With that in mind, I'd suggest the following changes to the print media sheet - some additions, some changes:

    1. Hide all of the interface elements, and force the proper page width:

    .tab-container, .wiki-page-tools, .page-footer,
    #secondary-column, #header, #footer, #campaign-header{



    2. Leave the links the same weight, and ditch the path in perenthesis:

    a:link:after, a:visited:after{

    a:link, a:visited{

    3. Don't change the font from what's seen on the page, for consistency:

    body, h, h1, h2, h3, h4{
    font-family: georgia, times, "times new roman", serif;

    4. Kill the border around the content area, it's just extra clutter in print:


    I created a local copy of one of my wiki pages to try these out, and they produce a much better result for hard copy printing purposes. It lets me print just the content - which is all you really want in this scenario - and keeps the look as close to what I'm expecting looking at the original page as possible.
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