Looking for players - OSR D&D, Lost City of Barakus Saturdays 1PM CST



The link above is out of date - but is the same adventure I am currently running with a new group

We are 4 players 1 DM, we meet on Saturdays 1 PM CST via Roll20 & Discord, we are all fairly experiance players but still learning.

You can be any character class you want. Race of Human and half elf is open

Lost lands setting, OSR D&D style world - Like a Conan/ Lord of the Rings themed world - NOT superhero high fantasy like Pathfinders Golorion & WOTCs Feyrun


  • Lwitherspoon
    Posts: 21

    I realize this is a bit late, but this is the style of game I’m looking to play. I’m most familiar with 3.5, but that’s flexible. 

    Potential problems:

    1. I’ve DMed Barakus so I know spoilers. Mainly with the side quests though. My group displaced before getting far into the dungeon

    2. Saturdays at 1 won’t work for me

    3. Though I am an experienced player/DM and I have a roll20 account, I have no experience playing online

    I realize this is a stretch. But you never know...

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