Unable to create a New Campaign Feb 10 2018


I am an Ascendant member: I am not able to create a new campaign for my players - I keep getting a 500 error on the website. Anyone else getting this?


  • Catbus
    Posts: 12

    I'm not getting the 500 error, but I'm not able to create a new campaign, either.

  • Catbus
    Posts: 12

    It's working again now.

  • Omegabase
    Posts: 36

    The intermittent 500 errors are back.  I've been getting them as recently as 5 minutes ago.  I find if you try a few more times it usually saves.



    Gammaworld 2754

  • Trickster61
    Posts: 1

    I've been trying to create a new campaign since yesterday.  Still getting the 500 code error.

  • nicholasevantonelli
    Posts: 6

    Same, can't make a new campaign, tried 5 minutes ago.

  • jethompson12
    Posts: 1

    Won't let me create campaign...   annoying...

  • Greymalken
    Posts: 3 edited February 2018

    They need to fix this problem ASAP, the fact that it's been disabled for nearly two weeks is unacceptable.

    Post edited by Greymalken on
  • Exurgency
    Posts: 1

    I just Ascended today - You can be sure I'll hit 'chargeback' before March 10 kicks in if the 500 errors aren't fixed. They pop on edit, on new campaigns... That leaves very little of value. 

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