Requesting feedback.

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Hi guys,


Looking for some feedback on my setting.  Ideas and such.  Things I've missed ect ect.  In short it's Fading Suns in D&D.


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    Not too familiar with Fading Suns setting, but looks like you've made a good start porting it over to OP.  A few formatting tips you can play with:

    1. You might consider going to Settings / Advanced and changing 'Content Max Width (px) ' to 1600.  This allows the page content to expand/contract to fit the browser display size.

    2. Another simple change that makes more room for content is Settings / Style 'Collapse Front Page Menu'.  This just removes the text from the left nav, leaving only the icons.

    3.  Finally, you could paste this into your Custom CSS textbox of advanced settings to make more room for actual text content in the wiki.

    .wiki-page-show #sidebar {width:10%; min-width:50px;}

    .wiki-page-show .main-content-container {width:90% !important; min-width:300px;}

    My completed campaign has the above 3 changes, nothing more.

    With a little more CSS, you can move things around for a different look.  Here's the CSS for my other game ; In this one I completely eliminate the wiki link and just rely on the home page as my wiki (also removed the calendar and forum which I don't use).  Feel free to try it out.

    /*Horizontal Navigation Bar*/

    /*Extra space for Links*/

    .nav-links li a {margin: 0 8px 0 0;}

    /*Remove Background Color from Nav Bar*/

    .campaign-public-layout #campaign-nav {



    /*make home page content transparent so you can see background*/

    .campaign-landing-show .campaign-landing-page-container  {background-color:transparent;}

    /*Move Nav Bar Up*/

    .collapsable-nav-row .front-nav-container {




    /*Remove Triangle after Active Page Link*/

    .campaign-public-layout #campaign-nav {

    content: none;}

    /*remove unused elements*/

    dashboard-main-nav, #campaign-nav{display: none;}

    dashboard-main-nav li.section.calendar, #campaign-nav li.calendar{display: none;}

    dashboard-main-nav, #campaign-nav{display: none;}

    .campaign-landing-show .main-content-container {width:75% !important; min-width:300px;}

    .wiki-page-show .main-content-container {width:75% !important; min-width:300px;}

    .adventure-log-index .main-content-container {width:75% !important; min-width:300px;}

    .adventure-log-show .main-content-container {width:75% !important; min-width:300px;}

    ...forgot this one, to make the character pages stretch to match rest of site:
    .character-show .main-content-container {width:75% !important; min-width:300px;}

    Also this handy CSS guide from cgregory:
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  • DragonsBay
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    These are great ideas!  I'll have to try them.  Thank you!

  • corbett
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    nice to read this feedback discussion thanks for posting check out mine and give some feedback for this 

    jim corbett safari  

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