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I'm considering trying to make another system my interest in the project depends on the feedback here so ill Post the basic idea of the class and some notes on how I want the game to run

Note: This game is actually based off Mafia/Werewolf/TownOfSalem I read the webcomic anti heroes and their werewolf game and it gave me idea's


Witch/Wiccan 4 hits

Magic is not dead it is like a plant withered with age but with care it can also bare the seeds of something stronger something to last 

Class You are a Witch while you may call yourself anything from a Warlock to a magician you power is the same as any practitioner

Alignment Neutral Shifting You have no side at the beginning but may choose to side for or against Mafia or Citizens Or Against both to side with Killers

Proof You may present proof of your class in the form of a Ritual by performing one of these rituals you may aid or strike at targets from the privacy of your home

Disturbing Dreams:  your target has the most disturbing dreams they take one hit of damage the victim knows the witch targeted them

Power of Night Your Target Heals One extra Hit when they rest at night the Victim Doesn't know if it was a witch or a doctor that visited them 

Witch's Revenge If you die the night you perform this you are able to tell everyone who killed you you may decide not to.

Power During the day one person you touched must use their power on the target of your choosing you may choose not to use this power 


Restrictions You may not be Included in Mafia Decisions You May not Vote at Town Meetings 

I'm still working on how all this would work.  This is more or less a free form version of the game the goal isin't actually to get all one side killed but to kill off anyone in "your" way for example the town might tolerate the mafia because they bring guns and weapons and can protect the town better then an Investigator

I also plan for monsters to start showing up and an actual combat system hence why the witch's buff is powerful 

The actual goal is to keep the town "alive" as long as possible slowly improving it and ""unlocking" new classes to play as  EG you can play with from the start but you can't start as say a nurse/doctor unless you have a medical facility of some kind 

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    Part 2. 

    Godfather hits 8 

    Class This town is your right by birth by force or by greed and you will take it back by any means 

    Alignment Mafia Town Your allegiance is with the mafia first but you also care for the town's well being for if it prospers so do you 


    I Am The Godfather you are immune to town vote out's 

    Accept This As A Gift..... You assign your bodyguard to one target the bodyguard also takes hit's for them till the next day 

    Money Talks (maybe black market connections?)You may rob another player they lose their "craft" item and you receive payment at twice it's actual value 

    Don's Consent increase damage of all mafia attacks by 1 till next day.

    Restrictions If the Mafia all die or are voted out you lose You are a public figure and everyone knows your role.


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    Part 3

    Jailor hits 7

    Alignment Town the town is your only priority and you will give your life if need be to defend them all


    Ill see you Hanged your vote count's as two

    Welcome to your new home. you may JAIL your target preventing them from performing any actions for the day & night  you may jail the same target as often as you like

    NOTE: Jailor may allow people to use their powers on the jailed the jailor may allow the jailed to use their powers.Jailed targets cannot be attacked otherwise 

    Getting Rough. you may deal two hits to your jailed target you cannot kill them this way


    Restrictions. you are a public figure everyone knows your role You may not jail yourself the godfather or the mayor The Serial Killer cannot kill you when jailed the Werewolf however can.
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    Part 4.


    Day Phase  This is when everyone role plays and performs their day powers talk to others check roles craft if you can it's important to set a timer on how long this lasts as it can technically last forever

    Night phase Night powers Mafia can talk to each other during this phase and share information 

    Crafting if you are a civilian you have several crafting powers based on which profession you picked as well as bonus powers.

    Town Council Held by the mayor called up to once a in game day Civilians and Town can vote for a banishing effectively killing another character in game there is a three day cool down after a banishment is successful if the mayor is voted for he becomes a civilian and a civilian will be elected mayor next day 


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    Civilian Hits 2

    Alignment Town Self your goal is to serve the mayor and protect the town 


    When I grow up......  

    When a town role dies a civilian may be chosen by the mayor to replace said role if mayor dies you lose this ability till a new one is elected 

    Right to Bare Arms When you attack with a weapon add two hits to it's damage

    PROFESSION! During the day you may choose to devote yourself to a craft earning coins rather then a crafted item 

    (Flavor) Baker Porter Butler ect. if you wish you can choose any role to "work at" 

    Restrictions NONE

    Serial Killer

    Hits 5

    Alignment Evil! you cause suffering by existing 


    Rip and Tear.  once a night you may choose to reduce a targets life to zero 

    PROFESSION! act exactly as the civilian does 

    Hidden in Plain sight any role that checks your role comes up with civilian 

    Restrictions If you do not kill two nights in a row you take a hit of damage that can never be recovered until you kill again
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