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  • Langy
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    Ruhar: That wasn't an option seven days ago. This thread may be partially why OP instituted that option. EDIT: And that setting is set for everyone who views the campaign.
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  • Calion
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    Okay, this CSS is great. Is there a way to modify it so that it does not apply to the Front page?

  • Kallak
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    As I recall, the landing page has a specific unique class (name is campaign-landing-show I think), which you should be able to use to get an individual setting separate from the rest of the pages.

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  • cgregory
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    Wow old post.

    Kallak is correct about the campaign-landing-show class name, but depending on what you trying to implement you may need to refer to it from body.campaign-landing-show

    So something like this would set the max-width to 1600px

    body.campaign-landing-show #content {max-width: 1600px;}


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  • kwiebe227
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    This is probably well-known by now and was mentioned once but an easier fix came along for any future users experiencing this issue.

    1. Navigate to Settings

    2. Navigate to the Advanced tab

    3. Add a Content Max Width value

    Per the hint:

    If the main content area is too cramped, you can set this value higher than the default (1024). Try values like 1200 or 1600.


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  • cgregory
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    Generally that can work however there are a couple of issues. For example, the character pages have in inline style that forces them to a max width of 100% so you need to use CSS to address that.


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