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Is there a way to display an image, and place text next to it rather than wasting a bunch of space? 


  • Vishera
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    Ah, figured it out!


    <div style="float: left; clear: left">[[File:740373  | class=media-item-align-none | 200px | test_image_here.png]]Text stuff here</div>

    Edit: Only problem with this is you lose your formatting ability. You can't use the h1, h2 etc header ability within a DIV
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  • cgregory
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    You don't need the div.

    Just set your class to media-item-align-right or media-item-align-left and then add text.

    For example https://x-com-defiance.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/making-the-world-a-safer-place


    [[File:682431  | class=media-item-align-right | AresRep.jpg]]

    A vidmail has been left on your commlink; the telecom code is from the Ares Macrotechnology headquarters in downtown Johannesburg, so it’s either Ares or someone going to great expense to look like them.


    You can add any formatting you want to the text.

    They are among us!


                       XCom: Defiance - Campaign of the Month November 2016



  • Vishera
    Posts: 40

    oh, wow. I guess I always either didn't set an alignment, or always centered my images hah. thanks!

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