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I have been keeping up with the raging torrent of forum posts on the reforge in the multiple threads, and there are a lot of good suggestions throughout. The problem is that they are mired in complaints, anecdotes, explanations as to why its important to the campaign, and so on. This makes it hard for the folks behind the scenes to easily pick out just the suggestions that are causing folks annoyances. That's where this thread comes in. Please feel free to respond with suggestions, but keep external information out as well as emotional content. I'm not saying such statements aren't valid, just that this thread is not the place for it - think of this thread as a simplified "To Do" list on how to address some of the Reforge changes that went the wrong way. Please just try to keep comments constructive.

I will try to keep this initial post up to date with suggestions added as well as status updates from dev folks.

h3. Content area width

*Issue:* The new wiki content width is far too narrow.
*Status:* Unknown.
*Work-around:* For ascendant members who can change the CSS, Langy has provided code in numerous posts / threads.

h3. Edit box text color

*Issue:* Edit boxes now use light-colored fonts on light-colored background, making it difficult to read when making updates.
*Status:* Unknown.
*Work-around:* For ascendant members who can change the CSS, various individuals have provided code in numerous posts / threads that address different edit boxes, including the CSS edit box.

h3. Comments on logs

*Issue:* Comments can no longer be viewed or added on adventure logs, a vital feature to many PBP campaigns ran through OP.
*Status:* Commitment has been stated that this will be addressed; existing data is still in the database, it just isn't currently accessible.
*Work-around:* None at this time.

h3. Links

*Issue:* Links no longer appear as links, and links directed to nonexistent pages don't show differently.
*Status:* Unknown.
*Work-around:* Use full HREF tags with a color style.

h3. Editing forum posts

*Issue:* Existing forum posts can no longer be edited.
*Status:* Unknown.
*Work-around:* None determined at this time.

h3. Organizing forums with subforums

*Issue:* Forums are now a hodge-podge collection of threads, no longer organized by subforums, making them considerably less useful.
*Status:* Unknown.
*Work-around:* None specified at this time.

h3. Embedding pictures

*Issue:* Attempting to embed a picture causes the page to lock up; this occurs in forum posts and wiki pages.
*Status:* Unknown.
*Work-around:* None specified at this time.

h3. CSS Themes

*Suggestion:* To address some of the massive changes, a suggestion has been posed (thanks, Langy) to allow for all members to have access to a small selection of CSS themes, allowing them access to predetermined CSS settings that can alter the layout. The selection would be limited and accessed similar to backgrounds.
*Status:* Unknown.
*Work-around:* Customize directly through CSS, but only available to Ascendent members.

Please continue to add issues and suggestions after this and I will add and update as I can.


  • Belrathius
    Posts: 206 edited October 2013
    Clarification on segments:

    Issue is to briefly describe the problem.

    Status is to give an update from the Dev's regarding the issue

    Work-around is to help provide a temporary solution to bypass the issue in the interim.
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  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830
    Forum posts are not editable, a vital feature to many PBP campaigns run through OP.

    It appears that attempting to embed a picture causes the page to lock up and it must be killed. This occurs in posts and wiki locations.
  • Langy
    Posts: 364 edited October 2013
    One thing that could help fix these issues if OP doesn't want to change their own styles is to offer _themes_ - generic CSS code sheets that can be selected by any user, ascendant or not. Thus, we could shove some tweaks into one of those themes and everyone could benefit.

    It would probably be best if those themes worked similarly to the DSS system in that they're user-editable but the powers-that-be have to 'OK' them before any changes to them go live to the user base. Unlike DSS's, there should probably only be a relatively-limited selection of themes, though.

    Ascendant members would still be able to customize their own CSS as they see fit, of course.
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  • Belrathius
    Posts: 206
    Updated, but if folks know of issues not included, please reply indicating the issue needing to be fixed.
  • Leonidas300
    Posts: 268
    A suggestion would be to post one or two of the possible fixes on this page under the workaround section for those items that have a work around.
  • Teleute
    Posts: 9
    I'm not sure if this was an oversight or a purposeful choice, but the GM's PCs don't show up on the characters part of the sidebar like they used to. Kinda sucks for people playing games with rotating GMs.
  • Joedylan2000
    Posts: 18
    On my Netbook '( 9 inch screen) The campaign list drop down runs off the screen and I do not seem to be able to to scroll down it, meaning I have to go to my profile to access all campaigns.

    A similar issue is that the the side button to take me to settings is almost, but not entirly off the screen.

    On the Embedding pictures issue, for me the page eventually unlocked and let me embedded the picture
  • Baard
    Posts: 16

    Try this: When content is missing on smaller screens, try ctrl+ and - to zoom in/out. Also, when you zoom in to a certain level, the menu changes into a single button drop down menu meant for mobile devices.
  • Viehmagnat
    Posts: 24
    I listed ten items on the Launch Feedback forum, but I will list the non-repeats here for your inclusion if you find them valid:

    -Forum "stickies" no longer "sticky" the forum to the top
    -Lots and lots of scrolling required for forums (and likely adventure comments once they are returned)
    -Missing PCs on the Front Page. Multiple PCs owned by the same player or the GM do not show up
  • Viehmagnat
    Posts: 24
    -Bring back the dice roller
  • MarkGiguere
    Posts: 53
    When in editor, right hand tool bar should contain common functions such as save and cancel, to stop you from having to scroll to bottom of page to save a change made in, for example, tags at top of page.
  • AquaMan
    Posts: 8
    - No support for Internet Explorer 8. I don't know if this can be resolved, but I'd like to access the site on IE8.
  • Viehmagnat
    Posts: 24
    -Cannot delete/remove maps
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,923 edited October 2013
    The maps issue for me
    Serious props and thanks for doing this Belrathius!
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    Just trying to help out.

  • crimsonknave
    Posts: 28
    * Entries on the tag search page show raw markdown not interpreted
    * DST sheets have enforced scrollbars
    * The generic avatar is broken inside any DST
    * Most character thumbnails are broken on the characters page
    ** I believe they said this would resolve itself.
  • Belrathius
    Posts: 206
    I will update the top post in a bit, once I catch up with all the other threads and can incorporate any other problems reported.

    @ Leonidas: While handy, adding that code is outside of the purpose of this thread. Perhaps a new one could be started for work-arounds and just work-arounds? This thread is meant as a handy check-list for Micah and crew to quickly find the issues being reported without tickets (and hopefully report status).

    @ Viehmagnat: Right or wrong, the removal of the dice roller was a purposeful design decision that does not break base functionality (even though I agree that it seems crucial for PBP to have a dice roller integrated into the forums). Given this decision that was clearly stated, I won't add this here, but I will support any call to arms to reverse the decision itself.

    @Aquaman: Supporting old browsers at some point becomes more work than its worth, and they have decided that I.E. 8 falls into that category. I can't speak to the break-off point that they have chosen (lack of knowledge on my part), but I do know that their development resources are limited and a line in the sand has to be drawn somewhere. Perhaps you might want to consider moving away from I.E. 8 to a newer browser (I.E. or otherwise)?

    @Killervp: Glad to do it, I just hope it helps Micah and crew focus in on the issues being reported, allowing them to address the issues rather than spending hours wading through the forums (which I have never seen this busy before).
  • Belrathius
    Posts: 206
    Because of the volume of updates, I have had to create a new thread where I was smart enough (this time) to reserve space to overcome the forum post character limitation.

    The name of the new thread is "New Reforge Issue Tracking List", which seems more intuitive than my sleep-deprived original post title.
    Please add any new issues (or missed issues) there.
  • abu_is_evil
    Posts: 168

    You will note that the actual list forum was deleted, as the current management felt that there should not be a record of how many issues were still outstanding....

    Just trying to help out.

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