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My group is considering signing up for a paid account, but need a few questions answered first.  Is there a maximum number of GMs you can assign (or co-gm's)?  Is there a max number of players allowed for a single campaign? 


  • cgregory
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    Not aware of any maximums. Most co-GM's i've tried is 3, but from what i can tell it looks like every player could be a co-gm if you wanted and i've seen campaigns with around 20 players perhaps more. OP had a Plot Club campaign that a number of the GMs had joined. Can't remember how many players that at it's height.

    My advice would be get the person with the account who will be paying for the paid account to create a campaign under their free account and invite all the players you are expecting. You'll see if you'll hit a maximum.

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  • abu_is_evil
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    One of the predecessors to Plot Club had 31 players at its height. Of course, that was pre-Reforge, so I have no idea what the current max is, if any.

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    Just trying to help out.

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