How to lock the page width


I can set the minimum width in the settings but you can maximize the character pages so that the graphics blow completely out of proportions. I would like to be able to lock the width so that no matter how you resize the browser the text area is always 1300px.

Is that posible without hundreds of lines of CSS?


  • Johnprime
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    I know you can restrict how items appear outside a page element, say text going beyond a div, to do that, you use the overflow css tag. Overflow has hidden, auto and scroll values. You can also put either an x or y on the end of the overflow which will restrict how the overflow is handled. Is that what you are talking about?


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  • cgregory
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    I'm guessing you want one of two things

    body.character-show #content {max-width: 1300px;}


    body.character-show #content {width: 1300px;}

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  • Kevlin
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    Thanks for the tips. Now I know where to look.


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