What happened to OP Support?



  • OPSupport
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    Just a quick update:

    I have been creating a list of outstanding issues that I can forward to our development so they can be fixed.

    This took me a while and a backlog of tickets has been building up. I will respond to them depending on how difficult it is to solve - easy ones should be replied to faster.

    There are also some issues with the message system, I have received a couple of messages from you guys but then lost them.

    So to send any messages to me, please use the ticket system instead.

    Have a wonderful Christmas! Looking forward to get back on track with everything after the holidays.

  • abu_is_evil
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    Happy New Year, and hoping for improved communication in the New Year

    Just trying to help out.

  • Socrates
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    My issue is resolved! Glad to see Support properly back.

  • weasel0
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    Yeah banned socks....but only if done right. Whoever did the bans last time didn't realize that many forums accounts got duplicated and therefore many still had access because the duplicated account was still active. I figured if there was enough effort to ban 1 account then I wasn't about to point out I still had access. Besides, OPSupport seems to have a much more level head steering it this time around. And while communication is far between, it's there and contains bits of useful information. Last time around it was silence, deletion, bans, posting of rules to get you banned. In that order. I don't get the feeling that's happening this time around. I can live with less communication if it's less hostile. :-)

  • abu_is_evil
    Posts: 168

    I would come back if the site worked....

    Just trying to help out.

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