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Been awhile since I've used Obsidian Portal, and search is failing me, so apologies if this has been covered and I'm just missing it.

Is there a way to make the page when viewing a character keep the same width as the main Characters page (or Wiki, or Front Page) at all? Right now everything on my site looks great, but when I go to Characters/Character it suddenly changes from fixed width to 100% width and throws things off. Seems to be the only page that does it.

I realize that some pages/modules (Dashboard, Forum, Calendar, etc.) use a 100% width design, that's fine. This only seems to be when I vew an individual character. 


Main Characters Page:

Viewing a Character:

I won't be using character sheets at all so I'm not worried in that regard. I also just threw this up so content is lacking, ignore the emptiness. :)


  • cgregory
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    What you are looking for is 

    body.character-show #content {max-width: 1200px;}

    where 1200px is what ever value you have the rest of the site set to.

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  • rpowell138
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    Perfect. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  • AngryBentoBox
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    Oh my god thank you. I've been searching everywhere for this.

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