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Hey everybody,

I'm looking to add Adventure Posts for my Shadowrun game. However, I'd like to put the "Post Date" as the day of the run. I'm thinking about beginning to pay for this service to perhaps use custom CSS to achieve this, but I'm quite broke and not that practiced with CSS as a language (C# man myself). I'd also like to not bother with the "Post Time" part, since that doesn't really matter to the Adventure log of the runs.

Any tips?

Thank you in advance,

Chimiboy, aka Tim


  • UselessTriviaMan
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    You can definitely change the post date, but the year only goes forward a decade.

    My workaround (since my campaign world doesn't do our calendar) is to put the in-game date on the Subtitle line. It's not quite what you were wanting, but it's free. :-)

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    If you do decide to become an Ascendant member, you could use the custom css to alter the overall layout of the adventure log listing page to something more unique to your needs/desires.

    As an example, I modified mine a decent amount.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Bookscorpion
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    That feature was totally broken, then you could actually enter any date and then it got 'fixed' again to what we have now. Which SUCKS for Shadowrun and I know there are campaigns that play at even more exotic dates.

    There is however a workaround: rightclick and select Inspect Element (for Firefox, idk what this is called in other browsers), then use 'pick an element' to find the code for the date box, in Firefox the element picker is in the upper left corner of the Inspect Element window. You will find this code two lines about the highlighted code:

    <input class="datepicker-hidden" id="post_post_time" name="post[post_time]" value="2016-11-22T23:09:59" type="hidden">

    and you just change it to whatever date you wish. Then save the log post without closing the Inspect Element window and you're good.

    I really do not get why this was changed back from the perfectly working version we had before to the clunky 'skip ahead in decades' version we have now after people already complained and clearly stated that they wanted to be able to just enter any date, but yeah. At least this still works.

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