Problem Styling Adventure Page


Got the background working but the grey bar on the right I want to be brown here is the page

Here is the code I'm using.

.adventure-log-index .post-header-container {background-color:transparent;}

.adventure-log-index .adventure-log-post  {background-color:transparent;}

.post-date {background-color:#724e1c;}

.adventure-log-post{background-image:url('';); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-size: 100%; box-shadow: 0em 0em 1em 0em black;}   

The line bolded is not working.

some of the css I wrote and others I found from other forum posts.  I'm not sure where they found the class adventure-log-index as looking at the code I couldn't find that.  Some of the other classes I wasn't seeing looking at the source so if anyone knows a cheat sheet of classes that are used but not in the code I'd love to be pointed in the direction on how to find that.  

Talking about not finding that class I cannot alter the wiki pages because of this.  

.wiki-index .post-header-container {background-color:transparent;}

.wiki-index .wiki-post  {background-color:transparent;}

The 2 lines above do not work to get rid of the white background behind them.  I tried using the adventure-log lines just altering adventure-log to wiki thinking it may be the name of the page type but that wasn't it.

I was hoping on a youtube tutorial on stylizing the pages but only minecraft comes up when searching.  I've done a decent amount of css but I have always been able to make my own classes or ids to stylize so this is a little more difficult for me.

Thanks in advance.


  • Kallak
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    Seems like a lot of desire in recent days for "how-to" type content, maybe something I can turn I to a blog segment.

    Outside of that, definitely keep plugging away and getting help on the forums, you'll get there.

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    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • cgregory
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    For the wiki try, 

    body.campaign-public-layout {background-color:transparent;}

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  • ChainsawXIV
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    Usually, when a custom style isn't working on here, it's because the rule you've used is less specific than a rule that already exists. The more specific rule always trumps.

    The best way to look at what rules are controlling an element is to inspect it with the inspect option in Chrome (or similar features in other browsers). For the example of your post date rule, you'll find it's background color is set by this rule by default:

    To modify this, you just need to make sure your own rule is equally specific (or more so). For example, in this case you could do:

    .adventure-log-index .post-date, .adventure-log-show .post-date { background-color:#724E1C; }


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