Free hotdogs for everyone!


Hi guys!

For some reason we dont seem to get any followers. So now Im offering a hot dog to anyone klicking "fan" on our Call of Cthulhu campaign. See "Caligula_1" campaigns please.

Any recommendations, suggestions, feedback on how we can improve the campaign site appreciated.

Keep rockin'!!!

Caligula  :-)


  • Abersade
    Posts: 279 edited August 2016

    Well, posting a link would be a great start. Here it is btw:

    I like the Adventure Logs, they are quite informative. You should probably update your main wiki page to remove the default text and point out that the game info is stored in the adventure logs.

    Also, if you are really serious about seeking feedback you might want to post your game to the "Review my Campaign" thread in the Campaign Submissions category (although it looks to have been a bit since folks responded).
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  • Caligula_1
    Posts: 7

    Abersade, appreciate your great advice, thanks bud!  :-)

    Keep rockin'!


  • Keryth987
    Posts: 992

    A link to your campaign would be helpful so we can check it out



  • julrox
    Posts: 6

    Hi Caligula,

    How can I resist the lure of a free hot dog? ;)

    Seriously, though, I love Call of Cthulhu. It was the first role playing game I ever played, and will always remain near and dear to my heart. Also, playing a game of Eldritch horrors while on a train: brilliant.

    One suggestion I have is to consider making the formatting of your game session logs more uniform. I really like the formatting you used for The Red Fez Scenario 3 Part 3; it flowed well and was easy to read, and I enjoyed the photographs. Some of your earlier logs were a little 'rougher' in their formatting-maybe go back and give them another pass so things flow similarly? Just a thought.

    Feel free to check out our game, Nocturnum: Rebirth, which is a modern mash up with strong Eldritch elements (more Hastur mythos tha Cthulhu currently). Here's our link:

    Hang on tight to your sanity! 


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