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Is there a way to change the URL of an adventure log entry? I tend to start a post out as a draft and then come back to it later to flesh out and finish and that's usually when I come up with a title. Just noticed that my latest logs say "" and "". Whoops.

If there's a way to change it I'm missing it. If not the only thing I can think of is to delete the log entry and reenter it with the proper title from the beginning. One would lose comments this way but the posts in question don't have any yet so no loss there.


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    You hit the only way I have found- and I have to let people know their comments are gone, and they need to repost, as I give xp for comments. Sorry I cannot be more help.
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    Just trying to help out.

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    @HBK -

    kvp is right, there's no way to edit your link after it's been created.

    We could plan for the ability to edit your urls by adding an additional field, in the same way that a wordpress blog's post URL can be edited.
    In the case of the various wiki elements, we'd probably have to do an audit to see which elements also "lock in" the url in this manner.

    There will be a fair amount of coding needed to get this done, so it's not something we might be able to roll out after editing 1 or 2 lines of code, so I'll add it on the features wishlist for the tech team.
  • HBKnight
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    Thanks to you both for the replies. As my logs in question have no comments to lose I guess I'm off to delete and repost. Thanks again!
  • Maesenko
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    Now I'm worried my own pages might have outdated URLs.

    Time to plunge the depths!


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  • Caligula_1
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    How did you do to get 359 fans? We have 3 and all are ourselves....

    We only write in the log. Is that a mistake? Should we write in the wiki also?


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    The campaign has been on OP for 5 years, and KillerVP used to be very active in the forums- although he has moved now, to

    Just trying to help out.

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    Because killervp is awesome.

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