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Has anyone else been having problems creating sub forums for their campaigns?

I have been unable to perform any management tasks under the 'manage forums' button in my new campaign.

Any thoughts?


  • NikMak
    Posts: 43
    Was this feature removed during the reforge?
  • twiggyleaf
    Posts: 51
    I have found it tricksy but still workable with many trial attempts each time. It does not seem to have a logical branching structure but I have got mine to work. Although I could not offer any advice on method other than to keep worming away and trying different things until you get something that works. Sorry if that does not seem too helpful. Tech stuff is not my strong point but at least I can attest to the subfolder system being able to work in some way.

  • weasel0
    Posts: 36
    The functionality is indeed's just...tricky.
  • Basileus
    Posts: 589
    Atxmagehh, when you say "unable" do you mean you are receiving an error of some sort, or that you don't know how to access the function?

    If you simply need to know how to do it, once you open "Manage Forums", click the " + " button on the far right and you will be directed to the prompt to create a subforum. If you already have subforums and want to re-organize them, instead of the " + " sign simply click on the folder you wan to change, and you will have an interface to rename it or change its parent folder from a dropdown box.

    If you are getting an error, we'll need to know more details (and you may want to post a Help ticket).
  • Atxmagehh
    Posts: 2 edited March 2018

    I was getting an error at the time, but it seems to have cleared up since then. *Shrug*

    We haven't really used the site in almost a year now. *clarification*
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