Blog + Podcast No Longer!

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What happen to these webpages? They are no longer available, like the webpages expired and weren't renewed. Also read somewhere that Kaleidoscope is no longer working with Obsidian Portal?


  • Kallak
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    Any link regarding this? I did a few Google searches, but couldn't find anything stating such.
  • twiggyleaf
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    I could also not access the Blog.

  • Tau_Cetacean
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    OP-related e-mail to Kaleidoscope's general address are still responded to (basically with "we're forwarding this to the right department")... nobody besides us seems to be on the forums... answers on the help / bug reports area are now anonymous... and they speak to a time zone difference with the dev team

    I surmise that a) Andrew has been re-assigned (as he indicated), b) Aaron has quit or been fired, c) the dev work has been out-sourced.... I don't think Kaleidoscope has sold OP or anything, they're just screwing the pooch with it by pursuing some kind of revamping strategy, but not engaging the existing users, ignoring the advice of the inside council members who told them "hey, you should tell people this upgrade is coming out" (but those inside council members explicitly said they were talking with the CTO of Kaleidoscope)

    the lack of stakeholder engagement and the lack of beta-testing on the WYSIWYG editor (esp. backwards compatibility with pages we've made with the old/current editor) is pretty worrisome
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  • Keryth987
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    Uhm, they did respond in the other blog missing topic.

    We all need to stop panicking over every thing. There were issues with the new editor, they took it down. There was an issue with the blog, they fixed it.

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  • Krothos
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    You are right. Sorry, was having flashbacks! :P
    (podcast is still down though)
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  • Maesenko
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    (Podcast is still a thing?!)
    At least they had the ability to roll back, and the blogs are back in working order.

    And while yes, they should have announced an update, and yes, they should have done better testing (and ensuring BC on old pages), at least we know that they are close to releasing the editor.

    I will say this for the positive; I did like what I saw of the new Files section, though I do wish it had also included the images uploaded on the character pages.

    As Always,
  • twiggyleaf
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    Spoken like a true sage, Sir Mae!

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