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Seeking verification of this (and also documenting so I can try it again when I get home).

# From a wiki page, click on the *Character Link* button.
# In the dialog that appears, click on the *Create New Character* button.
# The dialog changes so that only new character fields are present. Fill out the fields, then click on the *Save* button.

*Unexpected behvaiour*: The entire list of characters reappears in the dialog. Each with an *Insert* and *View* button beneath it.

*Expected behaviou*: the new character appears alone in the list of characters, with an *Insert* and *View* button beneath it.

I created 5-6 new characters with the unexpected behaviour occurring each time.
I ran the test again (creating the character Test while writing this up) and the expected behaviour occurred.

So now I'm confused. I don't know if what I saw was intermittent, caused by my browser, or an actual bug.

I'd appreciate it if other folk could try creating a character and report which behaviour occurs.


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  • cgregory
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    Hi Ketherian,

    It seems to be fixed now along with a bunch of new issues that cropped up. I've created a new character and it alone appears on the list.

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