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Hello to my Inner Council members!

Ok, so we are reaching a point here where we will need some of you to come on board to test some things with us on our staging area. The tech team thinks they have the mail issues sorted out, but I have found a new issue in the process that I have reported (fix appears to have broken the ability to create a Campaign - one thing always seems to lead to another). This is being looked at now, and as soon as it is done I want to test this mail fix so we can try to get it rolled out.

So, will any of you folks be available in the next couple days to start up this process. I know day schedules vary so let me know.


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    Oh, so folks know what is on there for testing right now:

    - Fix for Mailing Issues

    - Natural Editing System

    - File Storage Locker (though I believe this is still in progress, cannot embed the items yet)

    We need to extensively test these items to ensure they are working as expected and that any minor errors can be hammered out.
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    Please head to the following address and register an account: staging.obsidianportal.com

    This is the testing site so you are aware. Don't drop this address publicly as I want to only bring in the Inner Council and I am also going to work to get the appropriate KS backers on it as well for testing out the KS stretch goals that are loaded up.
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    Please post the username you signup with in here as well so I have quick access to you. Some of these items I will need to increase test accounts to Ascendant in order to properly see if it is resolved.
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    This is not natural editing, this is a WYSIWYG

    So "staging" has a fix for invites and that's it...since the file storage locker still isn't actually there? So 1 of the actual 3 things listed are here?
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