WIKI: Really no links within pages? Really?

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Yeah, I already read the Help item stating that you cannot yet link to a specific section within a Wiki page. The only suggested workaround was to use HTML "name=" tags instead. This somewhat ruins the usefulness of such things as glossaries or lists of minor items that you don't want to have clogging up the works with their own wiki pages. Also prevents the handy content list at the top of a page with links to sections within the page.

Is there really no better work-around figured out yet, allowing sections of a page to be labeled and referenced in links? If somebody has a better method, please share!

If there really is none now, is it reasonably near the top of the priority list to fix?

Never saw a wiki that wouldn't allow this, including (IIRC) the ones here at OP a few years ago when I was working on them as a player fleshing out details for the GM.


  • Kallak
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    Sadly, the only real "alternate" method besides "name" attribute is the textile footnotes, which is basically the same thing.


    is associated with

    @fn1. blah [email protected]
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  • SpaceBadger
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    *sigh* Thanks. I was really hoping something had been figured out and just not documented.

    So. Instead of normal pages with subdivisions which can be linked, just lots of shorter top level pages? Maybe instead of TOCs at the top of the page with links to sections, just separate TOC pages linking to the other section pages? Not as neat and tidy, but you work with what you have... :(
  • Basileus
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    I'm not sure that HTML anchors are really that much more complicated than a Textile shortcut would be. I've used them all over the place. Basically its just a line where you want to place the link:

    @"Link":#[email protected]

    And a line where you want it to go:


    And if you want to link it from off page, just use the full URL with the # anchor on the end.

    Is there some specific functionality that doesn't cover that you are looking for? Maybe we can point out some alternatives.
  • SpaceBadger
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    Just an extra step of complication is all.

    One of the nice things about wikis, as opposed to just doing a bunch of HTML pages, is that once you make a link to a page like [[History]] you can then use that same link-word to link to sections on that page like [[History#Exodus|The Great Exodus]] rather than copy/pasting an HTML link.

    Just easier, for me at least, and also the way it works in most other wikis I've used, and I am pretty sure it worked that way here a couple years ago, so not sure why that would have been changed.
  • MachineGunHarry
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    Adding to Basileus, you can simplify the hyperlink tag to text. And if its all on the History page it is just
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  • Bookscorpion
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    Nice. I've been trying to get something like this to work for a while.

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  • ikabodo
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    Sorry if this is a necro.

    But I just tried the above and found a problem, and a solution.

    The actual anchor works as Baselius showed it. But it is offset a few lines because of the fixed header.

    This is how I solved it:

    The link itself:
    @"Link":#[email protected]

    The anchor:

    Then, in my custom css, I added:
    @.anchor{top:-75px;display: block; position: relative;}@

    This way, I "move" the anchor 75px, and it lines up perfectly. Just thought I could share it if anybody else (like me), searched for the answer to this.

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  • GamingMegaverse
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    Thanks Ikabodo

    Just trying to help out.

  • SkidAce
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    Thanks, that offset was keeping me from using it.

    Well done...
  • ikabodo
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    No problems!

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  • SSveter
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    can you clarify this. I used the following for a glossary entry yet it keeps going to bottom of page.

    p=. "A":#A
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  • UselessTriviaMan
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    I just tried Ikabodo's CSS fix, but it isn't consistently working. I've been gaming the system and placing the anchors a line or two higher in the text so it'll jump to the point I want.

    This is becoming ridiculously frustrating. (I kinda wish I'd kept going with my low-tech fix, rather than messing with this.) The really puzzling part is that _some_ of the links will get offset, but others completely ignore the CSS.


    bc. If I use "Link1":#link1 and "Link2":#link2 along with and on the same wiki page,

    Shouldn't the "anchor" class CSS apply to both links 1 and 2 when they're both on the same page? Because for me, the class (my custom CSS was copy/pasted from Ikabodo's) appears to work for Link 1 but not Link 2.

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