GM needed for game set in Harry Potter universe

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I have myself and a couple other players looking for a GM to run a game set in the Harry Potter universe. The system is yet to be determined, but Fate Accelerated seems like it may be a good choice. The players age range is 29-32 and we are looking to play on Wednesdays, any time, though late evening central time works best. We would want to play this game using Google+ Hangouts with the Roll 20 App.


  • Maniah_Ryu
    Posts: 3
    Still looking for a GM. I figure it's a long shot, but I'll at least bump this once before giving up.
  • bluesguy
    Posts: 127
    Why not run it yourself?
  • Maniah_Ryu
    Posts: 3
    Because I am not comfortable running anything longer or more complex than a one shot. Some people just aren't made to sit behind the screen :)
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