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Alright so i am fairly experienced in PbP Rping, and am very confused and would hope to get a question answered

1. Is it possible to play a game here? or is this a strictly organizing IRL games only type of deal? Since i love the look of this place, and am wondering if i can host and play out a PbP game here


  • kenurion
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    Yes, it is possible to run a PbP game on OP.

    I run such a campaign:
    I play in another:

    You can find more examples at:

    People generally run the game itself on the "Forum." Unfortunately, I think those are all now private due to the Reforge, but I'm sure any GM (including myself) would be happy to invite you to a game so you can see how things can be done.

  • Eco_Cola
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    So wait, they run it on the forum here? Since i already have a decent website where i play. What about making a game on the main site? is there any way to actually play it through there?
  • WolfLord
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    Well you make a campaign through the main site obsidian portal, and then your campaign has its own forum section where members of the campaign can post, which is right alongside your campaign wiki content so it is a great all in one tool. I use it even doing in person gaming mainly for how helpful the wiki is

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  • twiggyleaf
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    I just wanted to say HI!

    I hope you get some good gaming out of Obsidian Portal. I use it, much like TolsimirWolfblood, as a platform to run my tabletop games but I have also played a PBP (Play by Post) game and have taken part in a couple of sessions of games run online. There are many ONLINE games being run. Keep an eye on these forums for "Looking for Players" posts.

    Whatever you get out of it, welcome to the site!

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